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  About Us
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Who we serve

  • We work with mid-market companies and major divisions within large organizations.
  • We work primarily in the western U.S. and Texas. Through our network of associates, we can cover organizations throughout the US
  • Our trademarked programs apply to all public and private companies, for-profits and not-for-profits in any industry and service area.
  • We provide both content and process expertise to the financial services industry.

How Biagi Management Group is different

We differ from other consultants, coaches and trainers in two key ways:

Biagi Management Group processes and tools
work at every level.

Benefit: When everyone - up and down the organization - is talking the same language and using the same reliable and "uncommon-sense" approach, you greatly increase the odds of success.

We train your teams
while they perform work.

Benefit: You save money on future projects because your teams can apply BMG processes and tools to succeed on their own.
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