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BMG was founded in 1997 by Ron Biagi and Kathy Biagi. Ron is an experienced executive in effective change management and executive coaching who is driven to help his clients achieve maximum results immediately. Kathy's extensive experience has always focused on representing leading companies in delivering the best customer focused training programs for her clients.

Ronald G. Biagi

Ronald G. Biagi

Ron Biagi is an experienced management consultant and executive coach. He assists individuals, teams and entire organizations in achieving desired measurable results.

During his 35 plus years of business leadership, Ron has helped both domestic and international companies successfully manage rapid change and transitions successfully. He has led organizations through strategic planning and tactical deployment programs.

Ron's approaches to consulting and coaching are practical. Known as "the fixer" he has helped individuals stay focused on organization goals while dealing with the realities of change and the challenges of differing management styles. He provides tools and techniques for opening and maintaining all-important lines of communication. Accountability for results and extraordinary teamwork are key outcomes.

As executive coach, Ron has demonstrated ability in guiding individuals and teams toward equitable and amicable resolution of conflicts. He is successful in dealing with various personality types and with differing visions and practices between lines of business.

Experience and accomplishments

He is co-author of three business self-help books. Make it Happen! SNAPP™ Your Way to Success in Business and in Life, Career Continuation: Make it a SNAPP™, and Manage Your Own Career: Make it a SNAPP™.

Ron has served as Chairman and CEO of two Southwest based subsidiaries of a Fortune 100 company. He is an acknowledged innovator in improving corporate productivity, as well as a recognized expert in business restructuring to maximize profit and increase quality of service. He has consulted with organizations in Russia and Turkey and with a variety of U.S. corporations and associations about how to take action to set and meet strategic goals.

Kathy Biagi

Kathy Biagi

Kathy specializes in customer service training to help organizations develop loyal customers.

Delighting Customers,
an eight (8) hour comprehensive training system:

• Increases customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction by "going the extra mile" for each customer

• Prevents customer dissatisfaction and complaints by using skills to clarifying and resolve differences

• Builds cooperation and teamwork among internal customers and staff

• Leverages service opportunities into sales

Kathy has over 20 years of experience helping organizations assess their training needs, and implementing and reinforcing corporate training programs.

Kathy has a Masters degree from the University of Southern California, and a BA degree in Social Science from USC. Her office is in Newport Beach, California.

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