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Branch Sales Training that works!

Turn your employees into a winning sales team with sales training for:

  • Tellers
  • MSRs
  • New accounts representatives
  • Branch managers
Formerly classroom training designed, developed and delivered by Mike Domingue, our Branch Sales Training is now in a self-directed format that's simple-to-follow and highly affordable.

BMG's Branch Sales Training is designed specifically for small and mid-sized branches of banks and credit unions with limited training budgets but unlimited ambition.

We are seasoned financial services experts

What are your challenges?

  • Is competition increasing?
  • Are profit margins decreasing?
  • Is change happening faster than your team can adapt?
  • Do you need a sales program that's specific to your needs?

Now's the time to prepare your team
to move ahead

Our seasoned Biagi Management Group financial services professionals provide expertise to banks, credit unions and other financial institutions in the following areas:

Organization Consulting

  • Executive coaching
  • Strategic and tactical planning sessions
  • Managing turnarounds
  • Pre-merger/acquisition preparation
  • Post merger/acquisition implementation
  • Human resources management and planning
  • Organizational design, culture change and change management
  • Workflow analysis and efficiency and effectiveness programs

Sales and Marketing Consulting

On-site Programs

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