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Save with Volume Discounts


We offer volume discounts when two or more programs are delivered within the same year. The more programs, the greater the discounts. You can also join with other organizations in your geographic area. Ask us!

What are your challenges?

  • Do the leaders set the course, but the troops lack the know-HOW to execute?
  • Do managers have technical knowledge, but lack consulting and leadership skills?
  • Are teams wasting time and resources?
  • Are budgets over-run and you don't know why?
  • Does finger-pointing replace action when things go wrong?

Now's the time to provide performance-based Biagi Management Group programs to your people

Customizable Biagi Management Group programs provide your team with know-HOW, process and tools.

  • Teams learn while practicing on work-in-progress.
  • Expert coaches and facilitators customize and then deliver, with optional follow-up.
  • You may prefer to deliver your own programs. We will train your trainers.

Contact us for specifics.

We coach and train your people
the way you would if you had the time.

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