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We help working teams build consensus and commitment

What are your challenges?

  • Do meetings and planning sessions end without clear agreement and assigned accountability?
  • Are political divisions, varying interests and long-standing grievances barriers to change and the common good?
  • Does the team lack group consciousness?

Now's the time for your team to take appropriate "A.C.T.ion"

Optimal results don't happen just by bringing team members together in one room. Teams need a facilitator to lead them into productive areas of discussion and diplomatically move past deadlocks to get results.

Optimally, each team member should be able to openly communicate and willingly commit to cooperate. Everyone should leave meetings knowing next steps, who's accountable and when and how to take action.

How we work

Our process is three-fold.



Before the group session, we meet with senior management to learn the business strategy.



During the session, we are objective guides, helping team members reach an on-target agreement quickly and to the satisfaction of sponsor, team and individuals. We help draft an action plan to which everyone commits.



Following the session, we help the team leader document the action plan. Optionally, we can also help track progress and measure results.

How you benefit

Organizing and executing productive team meetings requires significant time and know-how. We save you up front time so you can stay focused on the business. During the session, our facilitation processes increase the odds of getting the results you want.

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