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We inspire audiences and build consensus
with rallies and retreats

What are your challenges?

  • Are individuals and teams feeling disconnected and de-motivated?
  • Are they working at odds rather than in concert?
  • Are they confused about the path and how to contribute?

Now's the time to bring people together
to revive spirit and commitment

We cover current topics that matter to your organization and your industry.

BMG retreats and rallies (speeches with group interaction and follow-up plan so new knowledge can be put into practice) are more than motivational.

Participants find out WHAT's happening, WHY and HOW to change. They leave with new inspiration and timely, practical tips they can keep on using.


Consulting Know-HOW:
Asking the Right Questions to Get the Right Results
Successful Turnarounds:
How to Refocus and Transform Your Organization
Turning Strategy into Results
Business Banking:
5 Best-of-the-Best Practices in Today's Competitive Marketplace
Title of your organization's current effort:
Where We're Going and How We'll Get There!
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