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Client organizations: Banks, Credit unions, Other financial services, Health services, Pharmaceuticals, High tech, Manufacturing, Human resources, Career management, Universities, Government entities

stands for:

S = See It

N = Negotiate It

A = Act on It

P = Persist

P = Praise the Team

From small steps to big success -- SNAPP -- Simple, Repeatable, Sustainable, Results-based

Change is easier when there's
a clearly-defined path and tool.

SNAPP™ is the process all successful people use to reach their goals (whether or not they call it SNAPP™).

SNAPP™ is so simple the steps fits on two sides of a standard-sized business card.

SNAPP™ works anytime, anyplace and for anyone:

It is a team process.
It is easy to use, model and communicate.

When all team members know WHERE they're headed and WHY, projects can be completed: 

  • On Time
  • Within Budget
  • To the Satisfaction of Customers, Sponsor, Team and Individual Contributors.
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