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SNAPP™ has two stages: Planning and Implementation.

In the Planning Stage, teams agree on what the end results will be ("See It"), and they work out the details ("Negotiate It"). Then they document the action steps and come to agreement about who will do what by when ("Act on It").

In the Implementation Stage, team members carry out the actions ("Persist"). The final step is "Praise the Team," but that step is never left until last. It is a key part of all the steps.

Planning Stage S

See It

1. What does it look like when the project is done?
2. Why are we doing it?
3. Who are the customers?
Ladder to Success - The Sky's the Limit

Negotiate It

1. What is the scope?
2. What are the assumptions?
3. Who will help?
4. What can change or go wrong?
5. What is the budget?

Act on It

1. What's the action plan?
2. Who is accountable?
3. Who will approve?
Implementation Stage P


1. Manage performance
2. Monitor the details
3. Make and follow a communications plan
4. Stay focused on the goal
5. Be a role model

Praise the Team

1. Make it a plus
2. Say "thank you"
3. Close and celebrate
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