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  On-site Training Programs
We coach and train your people the way you would if you had the time. Contact a BMG training consultant

All Biagi Management Group programs are based on SNAPP™, the essential management tool and process.

Once teams begin applying SNAPP™ consistently and "to the letter," goals are met and business strategies are achieved.

The customizable programs vary in length with optional follow-up coaching. They can be customized for:

  • Small group session (e.g., executive team, project team)
  • Program kick-off session
  • Speech, rally or retreat
  • Half-day workshop
  • Full-day workshop

Delivery is by certified Biagi Management Group facilitators / trainers. For training programs, we also certify your in-house trainers.

Pricing is based on length of the session, the number of programs delivered and the extent of follow-up coaching.

Select from the list below for
audience and program description.

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Customized skill and management development programs that work!

Branch Sales Training for Banks: Turn Retail Branch Employees into Sales Pros
Branch Sales Training for Credit Unions: Turn Retail Branch Employees into Sales Pros
Plan and A.C.T.: Basics of Outstanding Team Performance
Strategic Planning: See It, Believe It, Make It Real
Goal Setting: Aligning Goals with Strategy, Metrics and Accountability
Got Culture? Building Profitability Through Satisfied Employees and Satisfied Customers
Team Building: Developing Trust, Talent and Tenacity
Team Management Skills: Motivating, Modeling and Monitoring
Team Leadership Skills: Defining, Designing and Developing
Change Management Skills: Everyone's Opportunity, Everyone's Job
Communications Skills: Top-down, Bottom-up and Side-to-side
Time Management: From Precise Planning to Excellent Execution
Consulting Skills for the Internal Consultant: Building Your Technical, Interpersonal and Consulting Proficiency
Manage Your Own Career: Building Your "E3" (Excellent, Engaging and Entrepreneurial) Skills
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